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Day tour on 08.07.2018.
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Excursion in Secret soviet bunker.
In the territory of the rehabilitation centre Līgatne, 9 m underground, there  is  a  well equipped  facility  with  a  total  area  of  2,000  sq.m,  whose  secrecy  grading  was  removed  only in 2003.
The  bunker  was  built  during  the  Cold  War  when the  Soviet  Union  maintained constant  high  alert  for  a  Western attack, more specifically a nuclear assault from the United States. It is hard to imagine, though, how  the  elite  of  Soviet  Latvia  would  have  been  rushed  to  the  bunker  in  a  few  minutes,  given  that the distance from Riga to Ligatne is 75 kilometers. This makes one suspect that the bunker might have been used also in case a nuclear war launched by the Soviet Union. The bunker was supplied with everything  necessary to survive severa months after a nuc lear fallout.
13:00 Lunch in Secret soviet bunker
LKP CK first secretariat lunch (chocolate truffle, soup, shnitzel with  bone and additives, desert, hot drink)
Walking  tour  in Sigulda is  one  of  the  most  picturesque  towns  in  Latvia  with  splendid  views  of  the primeval valley of the River Gauja.
The river banks feature Devonian sandstone outcrops with beautiful cliffs and caves that have long earnt Sigulda the name Switzerland of Vidzeme.
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Day tour 11.07.2019.

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Excursion in film town Cinevilla

Have you ever visited a town that was custom built for the needs of a single  movie?  If  not,  then  this  place  is  just  for  you.  Cinevilla  is  a  popular  destination  among  local  travellers. The town’s guide will introduce you to its history and the filming process. You will have a chance to get an old time photo of yourself dressed in historical clothes or a uniform.
13:00 Lunch in restaurant in Kuldīga
Tour in Kuldīga.
Kuldīga is yet another Latvian pearl of architecture. Did you know that it is the location of the widest waterfall in Europe? Romantic streets and baroque style buildings with 19th
century stone bridges are what make Kuldīga so charming.
Kuldīga is a town in Kurzeme, right by the Venta Rapid. In the 16th – 17th century, it was the residence of  the Duke of Courland and Semigallia and his court. It was also one of the Hanseatic League towns.
The  culture historical heritage is an integral part of Kuldīga’s identity.
Because  of  its  rich  cultural heritage, Kuldīga Old Town in the Primeval Valley of the River Venta was included in the Latvian National Register of UNESCO’s World Heritage on 25 February 2011. In 2007, Kuldīga Old Town in the Primeval  Valley  of  the  River  Venta  was  recognised  as  the  European  Destination  of  Excellence,  and  in  2008,  the historic centre of Kuldīga received the European Heritage Label.
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