Welcome to Latvia!

Viesturs TamuzsFor people who have already achieved a lot in their lives, three things always remain important: the joy of physical activity, intellectual challenges and relationship with like-minded friends. There is only one sport that fully meets all of these criteria – it is ours, the orienteering sport. Given the thrill of searching and finding as well as the adrenaline of competition, it is no surprise that from all of the world veteran championships it is the World Masters Orienteering Championships that gathers the largest number of competitors.

We, the family of Latvian orienteers, are glad and honoured to organise this great sports event in 2019. We can promise with confidence that competitors will equally enjoy the sprint courses in the streets of Riga and solving orienteering puzzles in the tricky dunes by the sea. Nevertheless, Latvia and its capital are not only about orienteering. Riga is a wonderful city with beautiful architecture and extremely rich cultural life, and the citizens are extremely hospitable indeed.
Oh, by the way, we also have very tasty beer!

You are welcome in the summer of 2019. It will be fun!
President of the Latvian Orienteering Federation - Viesturs Tamužs.

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